Our Team

John Garza (Host Extraordinaire)

John Garza is a distinguished attorney in the Rockville, Maryland area and a partner in the law firm of Garza-Regan.  He hosts a radio show on WOL 1450 AM that offers legal advice to listeners and callers. Johnny has defended the unborn in numerous pro-bono cases, and works close with pro-life organizations fighting the good fight in behalf of the millions of little babies who have no voice in the political life of our nation.  Johnny is a dedicated Christian who has cultivated strong opinions regarding our culture and the politics of America in his busy life as a respected trial attorney and speaker.

John Snyder (Co-Host and Keeper of Forgotten Knowledge)

Hailing from Arkansas, carried out of the Ozarks by young parents to the Golden State, John is a mix of different interests seasoned with country-fried attitude imported from the red states. Former host of Apologetics.com on KKLA in SoCal-an eclectician-(as in eclectic, not electric) most of all- John is a Civil War buff. He holds a Juris Doctor from Trinity Law School and is a graduate with certificate from the Strasbourg Institute of International Law. John is our Host and Historian and keeper of marginally interesting and eccentric knowledge.

Alexandra Berauer (Defender of the Unborn and Hostess of Life in the Public Square)

“Aborto Delenda Est!”

Co-Hostess of Life in the Public Square and founder of the 12:21 Project, Alexandra is former Executive Director of a Pregnancy Care Center in Southern California. She took her undergraduate degree at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita and attended law school with the intention of preserving the lives of the unborn. She is a member the California Bar and a contributor to the California Clapham Group. Alexandra also works with Jennifer Lahl of the Center for Bioethics & Culture on issues of human egg trafficking. Alexandra is our resident Bioethicist and Crusader for Life. She has worked on Capitol Hill for the US Congress and is dedicated to advancing the cause of Human Rights, particular those of the least among us–unborn babies.

Stephen Z. Nemo (Mr. Curmudgeon)


Artist, writer and observer and commentator on culture, Stephen Nemo is our resident scowling skeptic and speaker in the office of Mr. Curmudgeon. He has an extensive background in journalism and has worked in the news field for over thirty years. Despite his abrasive and irascible personality, under the crust is a tender gentleman disappointed and alarmed by human folly. Stephen serves as our eloquent and insightful prophet of doom. A refugee from the Republican Party he has much to say about the degradation of the political right and the culture at large. Stephen is our Politico and News-Cycle Wonk, better known as Mr. Curmudgeon.

Edmund Burke (Mr. Conservative)

The Right Honorable Gentleman is a former Member of Parliament in the 18th century. Sir Edmund is presently best known as the consummate embodiment of Conservatism. In addition, he is our beloved keeper of ancient wisdom. In his present incarnation, Sir Edmund is a product of Whittier College Philosophy Department in Southern California and a graduate of Pepperdine School of Law before it became the billion-dollar legal campus high on a hill in Malibu. Most recently he has worked on Capitol Hill and variously in the California State and United States Departments of Justice.

Nicholas J. Ellis (Technical Engineer and Webmaster)

Nick Ellis is our Webmaster and tech guru. He owns his own computer support business in Indiana and is a lover of history and scientific knowledge. Most of all he loves dogs and nature. Adopted son of the Host, Nick is an avid hiker, marksman, and would-be author. Like all of us In the Public Square, Nick loves the discipline of thinking and arguing a case, always refining his understanding of truth with a capital T. Yes, Virginia, there is Universal Objective Truth.

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